Adding the final touch

By WLS  every master is an individual case. We don’t use computer automated algorithms.

Mastering Service

We can master, as you wish, de final mix stereo file or the grouped stereo stems.
If you don't know what this is or how to do it don't hesitate to let us know. We are glad to help you.

We treat every master as an individual case not using a computer automated algorithms or pre-set mastering plug-ins.
We offer very affordable and reasonable pricing at 50 euro per track.
if you have a project that needs mastering more tracks please email us and we will make you a quote.

Before you send your files

Before you sent your files have a look at the following check list

Mix peaks have to be at -6dB [decibels].
This gives us the space or ‘headroom’ that we need to make the adjustments.
Ensure the mix has a good dynamic range. This keeps the transients in tact giving your music punch and clarity.
The balance of the instruments is comparable to other tracks in the same genre.
The high and low frequencies are comparable to other tracks in the same genre.

You’ve listened to your final mix in different environments (Studio monitors, car speakers, sound dock, earbuds, headphones, iPhone speaker… the more the better)

Make sure there are no limiters or compressors on your master channel.

If you send us the stereo file of your final mix, please take care of the following:

Bounce the audio as wav file at 24bit, and whatever sample rate the session is.
We give our preference to a 24bit/48000 sample rate.
Do not dither or normalize.

If you send us the stereo stem files of your final mix, please take care of the following:

Solo each channel in de stem group.
Bounce each group one a time.
Bounce the audio as a waw file at 24bit, and whatever sample rate the session is.
Bounce in stereo (even if the kick is in mono).
Do not dither or normalize.

Below is an example of an effective way to break up a mix into stems. It’s important that you bounce your kick and bass to separate stems. The low end frequencies are the trickiest to get perfect. By separating them we’ll be able to tweak and fine tune until they sound just right. Be sure to bounce your bus processing and effects with its dry signal. For example, include the reverb and delay of your lead vocal in the Vocal stem.

1 Vocals – lead and backing.
2 Effects – sweeps, sub drops.
3 Music – pad, synth, guitar, piano, strings, lead,
4 Drum tops – snare, hi hats, cymbals, toms, percussion.
5 Bass – all bass elements.
6 Kick – by itself.

Advanced Heading

How it Works and What you Get

1 - Contact Us

Send us an email with information about the music you want to be mastered. Add eventually your phone number. Depending of the track's number a price will be given. You will pay 25% of the given price.

2 - Send the Tracks

After your agreement, pack the tracks in a folder and upload it to our account on WeTransfer.

As soon as the mastering is ready you will receive a concept first. If you want something to be changed, this is not a problem, this can be done in a maximum of 3 free revisions.

3 - Master Complete

Once the mastering is complete you pay us the remainder amount. As soon as we have received the pending amount we will send the files to you.

What will you get:
1 - An mp3 file of your mastered mix
2 - If neded a DDP file for CD production
3 - An High quality waw file 16bit/44.1khz sample rate
5 - An High quality waw file 24bit/48khz sample rate

6 - Master file for vinyl on request