Awake your music "to life"

Mixing is a simple yet complex task. Let us mix your tracks for a professional result.

Mix Service

We have started our activities in the year 1995 with a recording studio where we have produced dance, house and techno music along with pop music.

Our record label "Silvertraxx" has been the launch platform for many Dj's.

We have a long experience in producing mixing and mastering music.

Before you send your files

Before you sent your files have a look at the following check list

Take care that all the recorded tracks are ready to be uploaded. Send the raw tracks without any leveling, gaining, corrections and effects. The tracks have to be consolidated (e.g. all the tracks must have the starting point at very beginning)

Pay attention! When exporting the individual audio tracks all plug-ins must be tuned off. Take care that the audio on each individual track is not clipping.

To get the best result it is advisable to send also a reference track (e.g. another song of the same genre that you like).

Advanced Heading

How It Works and what you get

1 - Contact Us

Send us an email with information about the music you want to be mixed. Add eventually your phone number. Depending of the track's number a price will be given. You will pay 25% of the given price.

2 - Send The Track('s)

After your agreement, pack the tracks in a folder and upload it to our account on WeTransfer.

3 - When Ready

As soon as the mix is ready you will receive a concept first. If you want something to be changed, this is not a problem, this can be done in a maximum of 3 free revisions.

4 - Mix Complete

Once the mix is complete you pay us the remainder amount. As soon as we have received the pending amount we will send the files to you.

What you will get:
1 - An high quality stereo wav file 24bit/48khz
2 - An mp3 file (-14 LUFS)
4 - You can request any other format we can deliver

We never will disclose your work. We keep, for your convenience, your files private and save into our archive.
If you don't want us to keep a copy of the files, just let us know and we will delete them from the archive.